Mike Dixon

Thursday 7pm - 9pmGMT

Born in Chicago 1970s growing up on the northside. I would have never been in this scene until moving south chicago in the early 80s. Since 1990s, I have been in the scene as I started out with reel to reel & mini disc experimenting in ways in production.


Inspired by Depeche Mode, I started off with an old 486 HP desktop trying to explore the electronic song era. Making similar disco beats and playing live with keyboard, drum machines and PC recording with no education on mastering, or editing.


As my first live DJ performance @ first avenue in minneapolis minnesota. Stacy Kidd pulled the strings and even paid my air fair to go down to this venue and give it a shot. With my giant case of records, I opened up with a serious disco house set that rocked the crowd.


1 month later I spent 1 year as a resident of MINNEAPOLIS and performed at many venues with the help of a promoting crew. In 2001, I moved back to chicago and stayed secluded in my mother's basement until submitted material to James Curd of Greenskeepers. 


I had interest in his sound. After a few releases, G-swing was born as my first swing house release was added to James Curd.

After that I was known for the hip hop swing house style. Getting deeper in the Chicago house garage sound. I then sent material to Greg cash of Bumpincity Records which brought me even more deeper in the House Scene.


After releasing with a San Francisco label, moody records sub label, and many others, I then climbed the popular DJ ladder and played in many countries and cities.

As the popularity of G swing got less explored, more releases with Stacy Kidd, Derrick Carter, Luke Solomon, and others to name a few. 


I then started my own few labels which has been charted several times in other chart lists such as traxsource, beatport, etc. With the ending of Bumpincity Records. I decided to resurrect the sound with even more high end production with the experience of mastering, and editing.


As the scene starts to become less self supporting. I plan to continue and be the last remaining True House Label in Chicago supporting the Disco, Jackin, motown soulful sound. Sample & original.

To move forward in production and experience with new sound.

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